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Seinfeld IMDB Ratings Visualization

  • The inspiration behind this project was simple, if I had to watch just a few episodes of Seinfeld, I'd rather watch the highest rated episodes on IMDB.

  • Instead of going to IMDB, then typing the name, searching through different seasons and then.... you get the idea.

  • I could look at this graph and instantly know which episode from which season I should watch judging by the episodes ratings!

  • Here are the steps on how to use the Tableau workbook (use full screen mode):

  1. Select the season/s that you are interested in watching.

  2. Click the column at the bottom and then the '+' sign to drill down into each episode.

  3. Select any episode that you like and enjoy the show.

  4. If you want to explore further click the column at the top and then the '-' sign to drill up.

  5. Here's the link: SEINFELD IMDB RATINGS.


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